Infoblox ID Aware DHCP Toolkit

By | February 6, 2006

Infoblox has announced the availability of ID Aware DHCP Toolkit. The Toolkit provides a foundation for any network access control solution by using user identity, such as user and password, and endpoint state information to ensure that a valid IP address – the key to gaining network access – is granted only to authorized users and endpoint devices that meet an organization´s compliance policies.

The ID Aware DHCP Toolkit takes advantage of the fact that endpoint devices require DHCP service to obtain their IP address. The Toolkit enables the collection and maintenance of real-time and historical data that correlates user identity, device and IP address information. This information can be accessed by network access control (NAC) products and solutions from a wide variety of vendors to support advanced endpoint security, policy enforcement and compliance reporting applications, and can even be used to detect rogue devices that attempt to bypass the system.

“DHCP, the protocol that networks use to assign IP addresses, is the logical place for network access control — no IP address, no network access,” said Dan Golding, senior analyst, The Burton Group. “Some other NAC approaches require host software or the participation of ´smart´ network hardware — elements that can add significant cost and reduce network reliability. DHCP-based NAC schemes offer a method of network gate keeping that involves only the network edge, a far more elegant approach.”

The Infoblox ID Aware DHCP Toolkit provides authenticated DHCP service by linking DHCP running on Infoblox appliances to an organization´s existing network and directory infrastructure, providing cost-effective network protection services with no network upgrades or additional network components required. Further, the Infoblox ID Aware DHCP Toolkit can be fully customized and is designed for compliance with all major NAC products, including Cisco NAC, Microsoft NAP, Juniper Secure and Assured, Trusted Computing Group´s TNC, and others.

“There are many NAC solutions available today, and they all depend on robust, reliable and intelligent DHCP infrastructure,” said Richard Kagan, vice president of marketing at Infoblox. “The Infoblox ID Aware DHCP solution enables organizations to make immediate improvements to their network security and build a foundation that will support any NAC strategy as they upgrade their DNS and DHCP infrastructures.”

The Toolkit offers an evolutionary approach to increase levels of security and network access control by integration with any number of third-party applications and network devices for user authentication; end-point scanning, remediation and patch management; access enforcement; threat mitigation and reporting.

The ID Aware DHCP Toolkit is available today for no additional charge with the Infoblox DNSone module, which runs on the Infoblox-1200 and -1000 appliances.

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