Independent Tests Prove 2factor’s RPM is 100 Times Faster, More Reliable Than PKI

By | May 8, 2006

2factor, Inc. today announced that their authentication technology Real Privacy Management(TM) (RPM(TM)) has tested 100 times faster than Diffie-Hellman. Both perform the critically important function of key management used to secure financial transactions, electronic communications, ECommerce and Digital Rights Management.

OMRON Software, LTD., the second largest software maker in Japan, extensively tested RPM as part of a new secure communications protocol. The test compared RPM with authenticated Diffie-Hellman, one of the building blocks of all PKI technologies. While performing an authenticated key exchange for every transmission between the participants, the Diffie-Hellman exchange failed in real-time, yet RPM continued to perform. RPM was over 100 times faster — a significant and truly remarkable difference.

“The need for speed is a tremendous barrier to adding security to network communications,” said Paul McGough, CEO of 2factor. “Current security solutions are too big and too slow. They require so much additional hardware, infrastructure, and support to process the data that it drives the cost far too high and makes it so complicated that it doesn´t really secure what you think it does.”

According to McGough, the new speed capability should drive innovation and adoption to address today´s security concerns — like phishing, session hijacking and identity theft. RPM takes advantage of the added speed capability by authenticating and encrypting every transmission for both sender and receiver — not just once, at-the-gate, like PKI technologies. In addition, it uses a fresh message key with every transmission that cannot be counterfeited or reused, thereby continuously authenticating the end-users. “This is the definition of secure,” McGough said. “Finally, companies have the ability to ensure privacy and protect data across all their networks, all the time, as they should — not just when the technology allows it.”

2factor is a security technology company that licenses authentication and encryption software for financial networks, embedded systems and wireless technologies. 2factor´s mission is to provide technology to secure the privacy and assets of individuals and corporations who use public and private data networks to communicate. More information is available at

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