Implementing Encryption Using .NET Framework

By | April 14, 2006

With Visual Basic 6, you do all your operations on a file handle (#1 in this case), and it´s up to you to manage this file handle. There isn´t a single object that encapsulates the file operations; instead, there are a number of keywords (Open, Close, Input, and so on).

If you do want to do encryption and decryption with Visual Basic 6, you would have to read all the data into memory, encrypt all of it using some third party component (generating what´s known as “cipher text”), and then send all the cipher text to the output file. It would be nice if you could stream the information through your program, but this would not be easy to do.

To facilitate really easy encryption from Visual Basic 6, I´ve created an excryption/decryption component. Next you´ll see how this component was implemented, but it´s worth mentioning that you don´t need to understand any of the implementation details to actually use the component.Read Full Story

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