Imperial College London Counteracts Spam And Unwanted Content With MailMarshal

By | August 30, 2006

Integrated email and Internet content security provider Marshal has today announced that Imperial College London has achieved unprecedented control and protection of unsolicited and inappropriate content for its 15,000 staff and students with its MailMarshal SMTP 2006.

The College currently receives approximately 350,000 emails each day, of which more than 70% is comprised of unwanted spam. MailMarshal SMTP 2006 addresses the need for the ICT department to have more powerful and granular control of incoming email, by combining anti-spam, anti-virus and content security into a highly scalable and easily manageable solution.

MailMarshal SMTP 2006 has been seamlessly integrated into the College´s cross-platform infrastructure, including Windows, Linux, and Unix, to protect common and future threats posed by illegitimate email. Students and staff at the College now also have immediate access to quarantined email to reduce any incidents of false positives, and can release any which are proven to be free of malware.

Chris Roberts, Security Manager, Imperial College explains: “We receive about 250,000 illegitimate emails a day on average, comprising mostly of spam, but also possible phishing, DOS and DHA attacks. The advanced signature based approach of MailMarshal weeds out these more threatening emails, and around 95% of users personally manage their own quarantined spam, allowing the ICT department to concentrate on enhancing other aspects of network security. We used to on average, receive half a dozen email related queries a day, but now we receive half that in a week.”

The IT Security Team in the College´s ICT department is run by a small team of 3 who centrally manage the security of all 16 campus locations geographically dispersed in and around London, including 3,000 students in halls of residences where students have 24 hour email and internet access.

“From integrated URLs to image spam, spammers are always inventing new and innovative ways to by-pass email filters.” Explains Ed Macnair, CEO of Marshal, “Imperial College is now in a position where it has a comprehensive email protection solution that is responsive to future threats, while simultaneously protecting users from the abundance of unsolicited emails that is received by the college on daily basis. Spam itself, whether malicious or innocuous will not be completely eradicated for years to come, so the ability to implement ad-hoc policy changes to respond to new threats is vital in order to safeguard the integrity of an institution such as Imperial College. We look forward to working with Imperial College, and are pleased to have MailMarshal successfully deployed in such a demanding environment.”

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