IM and P2P attacks on the rise: report

By | October 3, 2005

The Third Quarter 2005 threat report has shown overwhelming increase of Instant Messaging and Peer-to-Peer security threats. The report highlights a nearly 4000 percent increase through the first three quarters of the year.

The report also revealed that most of the attacks on IM networks are from malicious code and worm writers.

For example: 87 percent of incidents include IM worm propagation; 12 percent are known to hijack IM file transfer capability to deliver viruses; one percent of reported incidents utilize known client vulnerabilities or exploits.

Further more, the report suggest that IM attacks will continue to increase as hackers capitalize on the growing popularity of IM in both consumer and corporate environments.

The increase popularity, combined with the emergence of federated enterprise IM environments, continues to drive IM as a popular target for attacks.

“Over the past three months the nature of the IM threat has continued to evolve with increasing levels of sophistication and rates of infection demonstrated by IM worms and viruses,” said IMlogic Chief Technology Officer, Jon Sakoda.

“With the recent addition of the IMlogic Real-Time Threat Protection System, the IMlogic Threat Center is now leading the industry in the earliest threat detection and protection, thereby serving as a continued resource for our customers, our partners and the IM community.”

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