Identity Thieves Find Hotel Industry

By | June 1, 2006

Information technology security is no longer just for banks, according to the founders of PISA Security. In a white paper released today, PISA Security reports that the hotel industry is vulnerable to security breaches that could put millions of guest and employee data records – such as credit card numbers and social security numbers – into the hands of identity thieves.

“When it comes to IT security, the service industry, which includes hotels and timeshares, tends to be the last to adopt safeguards,” said Marcus Bruninghaus, co-founder and chief executive officer, PISA Security. “Their goal is to provide exceptional guest service not an exceptional technology infrastructure. However, hoteliers today must be responsible for the physical as well as ‘virtual’ safety of their guests. Otherwise, vacationers this summer could find that their tropical escapes could permit hackers to get away with their identities.”

The white paper, “Identity Thieves Find Hotel Industry a Hospitable Target,” explains how many identity thieves steal sensitive data from hotels. The report also gives hoteliers ways to reduce the risk. PISA Security reveals the anatomy of most attacks and identifies areas of vulnerability most hotel IT managers could shore up immediately.

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