Identity Theft at Work

By | June 28, 2006

Working in the computer field and being in charge of an IT department makes oneself aware of technology and the security risks technology brings. One such risk is identity theft at work. That is why my IT department has undertaken a directive to increase computer security and prevent identity theft at work.

To my surprise, implementing new policies that prevent identity theft at work has been a pain. Users don´t want to give up their so called “freedoms” while at the same time, they do not understand the risk they pose to the company and to their identity. Previous IT managers had allowed everyone to be an admin on their work computers and the users did what they wanted.

I thought this was a terrible mistake, but after talking to my wife, whom also works for a small company, I found out it is not uncommon. Every day we hear in the news about identity theft and I cannot believe companies would not take more action to protect people´s identity at work, if not doing it for the sole purpose of decreasing the company´s liability or to protect the company´s data.Read Full Story

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