IdentiPHI Integrates StillSecure

By | February 17, 2006

IdentiPHI LLC, an industry leader in advanced authentication and single sign-on enterprise solutions, announced today that it will integrate StillSecure’s Safe Access, an award-winning network access control (NAC) solution, as a core component of the IdentiPHI endpoint management solution.

The IdentiPHI endpoint management solution offers an open architecture that integrates with other security components such as patch management, anti-virus administration, systems management, identity management, device authentication, hard drive encryption, and more. NAC complements IdentiPHI’s flagship identity management offering because it takes into account the security posture of the endpoint device that is authenticating to the network. Organizations that combine identity management with NAC can ensure that both the end user and his/her endpoint device are safe to connect to the network.

StillSecure Safe Access provides a superior solution for IdentiPHI because of its flexible testing and enforcement capabilities, easy to deploy architecture, and ability to support all types of users. Using a purpose-built NAC engine, Safe Access offers three testing methods (truly agent-less, agent-based, and ActiveX) and five policy enforcement methods (including network-based and endpoint-based DHCP, in-line, Cisco’s NAC architecture, and 802.1x). This flexibility enables support for all types of users – including internal users, external users, visitors, partners, etc.

IdentiPHI and StillSecure are also exploring the potential of IdentiPHI offering the rest of the StillSecure suite, including StillSecure VAM™, a vulnerability management platform, and StillSecure Strata Guard™, a network-based intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS).

“Network access control is quickly becoming an important part of the identity management and authentication puzzle, and our customers are increasingly demanding a solution in this space that can be integrated with our existing enterprise security suite,” said Peter Gilbert, CEO of IdentiPHI. “Safe Access is a great complement to our existing product line because of its flexibility and ease of deployment, which are pillars of the IdentiPHI suite. Furthermore, because it’s infrastructure-agnostic, it can be integrated into virtually any enterprise network environment.”

“IdentiPHI understands the growing importance of using network access control to ensure endpoint devices are free from threats and in compliance with IT security policies before they are allowed on the network,” said Alan Shimel, Chief Strategy Officer at StillSecure. “Combining identity management with network access control takes network security to a whole new level. Knowing who is accessing the network as well as the security posture of their device allows administrators to keep track of all users accessing the corporate network.”

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