ICSA announced 2005 product certification

By | April 27, 2005

ICSA Labs, the leader in information security product certification, awarded today ICSA certification to 19 anti-virus, firewall and IPSec vendors representing 55 products in the first quarter of 2005. The certification assures the users that certified products meet industry-accepted security standards worldwide.

“ICSA Labs is heartened by the ongoing commitment from vendors who continue to exhibit security leadership by building their software and hardware solutions to the highest security standards,” said George Japak, vice president of ICSA Labs.

First quarter 2005 certified products:

  • Eleven companies with 43 products received Anti-Virus certification.
  • Two companies with two products received Secure Socket Layer – Transport Layer Security VPN (SSL-TLS VPN) certification.
  • Two companies with five products received IPSec VPN certification.
  • Four companies with five products received Firewall certification.

“Having ICSA Labs certification, ZyXEL can continuously commit to provide robust security solutions with great reliability and best compatibility to our customers in small- to mid-sized enterprises,” said Felix Chang, vice president of Network Security and Applications Division for ZyXEL Communications Co. “ICSA Labs certification gives strong endorsement of ZyXEL firewall/UTM products and deepens customers´ confidence to adopt ZyXEL solutions today and in the future.”

ICSA Labs will be launching Spyware and Intrusion Prevention certification programs later this year.

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