Hunting Spyware in Your PC

By | June 12, 2006

What is spyware? The noun identifies software with the bad habit of taking control of certain computer operations, usually without the informed consent — and therefore the awareness — of the legitimate user. The purpose is to track user surfing habits and collect data for the benefit of third-party advertising companies.

It can be included in programs – a famous example was the file-sharing pioneer Kazaa — Internet Explorer add-ons and toolbars or in Web pages, and it could also exploit a computer´s vulnerabilities. It differs from informatics viruses in that spyware doesn´t self-replicate.

The phenomenon has assumed biblical proportions over the years, and nowadays important Web portals such as C-Net have an entire section dedicated to spyware. The implications for privacy are evident — nobody likes someone controlling what we do on the Internet. So it´s necessary to work the problem out.Read Full Story

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