How Spammers Get Your Email Address

By | May 12, 2006

If you are anything like me, you´ve noticed that you are getting a lot of spam lately. How the heck do these spamming jerks get our email addresses anyway?

Web sites – There are quite a few inexpensive programs (usually less than a hundred bucks) which automatically scan web sites for any email addresses. These are called email spiders, and they are becoming very, very aggressive. If, like many people, you have your email address coded into your web site (using a “mailto:” link), then the spiders can pluck it right off your own pages.

To prevent this, it´s wise to simply not include your email address anywhere on any web site. If you must post an email address, be sure it´s not your primary address (in fact, a throw-away free email address is perfect for this purpose). If you must post your real address, you can hide it by using forms or by placing the email address in a graphic image).Read Full Story

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