How to block those prying eyes online

By | June 14, 2006

So ever since you heard about the Justice Department trying to subpoena search engine records, you’re wondering whether Googling ´president´ and ´assassinate´ while helping with your kid’s school report is going to come back to haunt you. Well, you’re not the only one. Others have thought about it, too – which is why there are online tools to help maintain at least some anonymity in your Web searching.

The following tips may not turn you into the Internet’s version of John Doe, but they’ll help if you’re worried about your online privacy.

Rewrite your history. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, your browser keeps track of recent sites you’ve visited. Going into your “preferences” or “Internet options” settings and clearing your browsing history is one way to cover your tracks.Read Full Story

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