Hot Investments Areas in Network Security

By | December 15, 2005

As hackers continue to discover new techniques to attack corporate networks, network security vendors continue to invent new and better solutions to provide protection for enterprises, and some of these innovations will push the lucrative security market even higher, says analyst firm Infonetics.

The latest research from Infonetics reveals four major technologies expected to reap large rewards for successful vendors – Handheld Security, Content Security, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Network Access Control.

“First, there’s a real need for enterprise-class security for handheld devices, especially wireless client devices such as WiFi VoIP handsets,” said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst at Infonetics Research and author of the study.

“Second, as the next step in perimeter security, network IPS is beginning to make the transition from niche security technology to core network infrastructure. Third, any vendor that can successfully pull off network access control will be sitting pretty in the security market. And finally, enterprises are fed up with viruses, spyware, and malware, and are willing to make significant investments to put a stop to them.”

Trends in the North-America Market include: Security routers, Wireless LAN products, virus and malicious code blocking and managed security service.

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