Host-based intrusion prevention may be last best defense

By | May 26, 2006

Patching is supposed to secure your organization from the latest batch of malicious code. But try telling that to the state of Alaska´s IT department. Staffers were working diligently to stay up-to-date on patching, despite the sheer size of the territory they serve and the limited bandwidth available in remote areas. But what if no patches existed?

“We were expending a huge amount of effort cleaning up the infections in our machines,” says Darrel Davis, chief security officer for the state. “Some exploits were out there yet no patches were available.”

Like a growing number of IT security managers, to address those problems, Davis deployed host-based intrusion-prevention system (HIPS) software on 19,000 desktops scattered throughout the state. This relatively immature technology brings the concept of defense right to the desktop. Its definition hasn´t been settled upon, however, and several vendors advocate very different approaches.Read Full Story

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