HIPAA Compliance answered with industry’s most comprehensive reporting and alerting Suite

By | November 8, 2006

LogLogic, the log management & intelligence leader, today announced that it had added to its industry-leading Compliance and Control Suites with new reports and alerts specifically designed for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – delivering with three times the reports and alerts of alternate solutions. LogLogic also announced the availability of a suite for ISO17799, extending its lead in automating leading IT controls.

LogLogic´s Compliance Suites, which include versions for SOX, PCI DSS, ITIL and COBIT, utilize log data to evidence controls, processes and user and IT activity, enabling enterprises to take control of and protect their information assets.

“Enterprises are facing a maelstrom of compliance and control mandates”, said Dominique Levin, VP Product Management, LogLogic. “Through our Agile Reporting & Alerting™ platform, enterprises can now make use of log data to evidence and attest to controls and processes – proving and sustaining compliance at a fraction of the cost of alternate or homegrown solutions. Pre-packaged compliance suites enable enterprises and institutions to be up and running in a matter of hours.”

Log data is a fingerprint of IT and user activity. Generated by infrastructure of all kinds, including applications, services, VPNs and network devices, it is vital to managing and delivering IT services, information asset protection and compliance. LogLogic´s Compliance Suites include a Reference Guide, reports and alerts.

“One of the most salient lessons we are learning from IT professionals is that best practices in security and compliance often address multiple regulatory domains,” said Scott Crawford, senior analyst for Enterprise Management Associates. “This indicates the value of a holistic approach that offers a sustainable way to tackle compliance amidst ever-changing and overlapping regulations mandates. Such an approach can save companies from unnecessary — and expensive — redundancies in compliance efforts.”

Reducing The Cost & Complexity Of HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare institutions can significantly reduce the cost of HIPAA compliance by automating reports, alerts, audit samples and IT processes. LogLogic´s HIPAA compliance suite delivers more than 100 customizable reports and alerts that directly align with HIPAA. “Using a next generation LMI platform healthcare enterprises and institutions not only can address HIPAA regulations, but significantly enhance their overall effectiveness in security and information asset protection”, added Levin.

Recent reports indicate a low level of HIPAA compliance amongst affected organizations. Fewer hospitals and healthcare facilities are fully complying with the law this year than in 2005, according to a recent survey by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), a professional organization for health information executives. And more than one-quarter of U.S. security executives whose organizations need to be HIPAA-compliant admit that they are not, according to “The Global State of Information Security 2006,” a study released last month by CIO and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The AHIMA survey also found that 55 percent of respondents identified resources as their most significant barrier to full privacy compliance. “In speaking with our healthcare customers it is clear they are operating on limited budgets, resources and razor-thin margins. We see a clear opportunity to cost-effectively assist organizations towards HIPAA compliance to benefit patients with no additional resource requirement. We are in a position to give them back days of productivity every month”, said Levin.

Leadership In Automating IT Controls

LogLogic pioneered the automation of IT controls using log data with its Compliance Suites for COBIT and ITIL. LogLogic Compliance Suite, ISO™ edition, enables enterprises to deploy a single LMI platform to answer the major controls deployed across their divisions and processes. “Our Compliance Suite takes enterprises from a rear-mirror view of their controls to real-time alerting and reporting. This is a significant step forward to delivering on the promise of Continuous Compliance”, said Levin.

LogLogic´s ISO compliance suite satisfies the most controls in the industry and delivers over 100 customizable reports and alerts that directly align with the ISO17799 standard. By utilizing log data for ISO, IT professionals can more effectively reduce implementation costs, automate ongoing services monitoring and measurement, and reduce the ongoing cost of implementing best practices.

One LMI Platform Answers Many Mandates

Businesses are increasingly looking to LMI technologies to reduce IT costs while improving and enforcing compliance with multiple mandates and regulations. Log data accounts for over 25% of all enterprise data, and strategies to make that data effective for IT are being sought by the Global 2000 to the tune of almost a $1B in terms of investment. A recent study by the vendor-neutral SANS Institute and sponsored by LogLogic found that the log management industry is experiencing double digit growth year over year. Fueling that demand is growing dissatisfaction with current strategies. Research found that 80% of enterprises still rely on homegrown scripts to address their needs and forty-one percent indicated they would make a change during the next year.

LogLogic supports 100% of all log-related IT controls and best practices as outlined by ISO, significantly reducing the cost and complexities of compliance. Installed within minutes, LogLogic´s award-winning solutions aggregate high volumes of log data and offer fast search and drill-down capabilities essential to maintaining network health, while automating log data archives and providing more secure log data retention.

Offering IT a higher level of reporting and auditing, LogLogic´s solutions securely store all raw log data for on-demand retrieval or historical analysis. Through Agile Reporting™, LogLogic can deliver over 13,000 customizable reports; supporting 100+ reports and alerts for ISO out of the box. As a result, IT staff can quickly create customizable templates that align with their IT control matrix and best practice standards and regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, COBIT and ITIL.

LogLogic and its extensive partner ecosystem provide professional services to implement compliance and customer reports according to specific environments. Log Management and Intelligence certified training is offered through LogLogic. Additional information is available http://www.loglogic.com/log-ed/.

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