Hard Disk with Built-in Security

By | September 16, 2005

MCE today announced the availability of GStor Storage Firewall, a new combined hard disk based storage and a security solution. The solution offers real-time data encryption, password protection and fast backup and restore in case of virus or hacking attack.

The hardware solution guarantees maximum security to the data by protecting against unauthorized access and manipulations. In case of the theft, it is not possible to access the data without knowing the password.

GStore utilize a special backup solution, which restores the file system to its original status within seconds. This feature enables users to recover lost information in case of hacking attacks or input error.

“With its ´embedded´ security features, GStor Plus offers unique functions for users”, says Eric Holt, MCE General Manager. “It provides an effective protection against virus and hacker attacks or corruption of file and operating systems resulting from internal or external impacts. Therefore it is absolutely legitimate to call it a hardware based Storage Firewall Solution.”

All features are running independently from operating and file systems. GStor keeps the password on the hard drive chip and is protected using a proprietary 64-bit encryption algorithm.

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