Hacking with Nat Friedman

By | May 24, 2006

Friedman is the quintessential Linux hacker. He´s been cranking out code for most of his 28 years, and takes the hacking ethos further, integrating it with business and life. His philosophy seems to have paid dividends – at 25, Friedman and Miguel de Icaza´s open source start-up, Ximian, was purchased by Novell for an undisclosed amount, and Friedman became a vice president just days before his 26th birthday.

The path to success all started on an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server while Friedman was studying computer science at MIT. Friedman started chatting to Miguel de Icaza – the famous Mexican hacker – online, and a close friendship was forged. The first time they met in real life was while both were interning at Microsoft, when they hooked up for lunch.Read Full Story

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