Hacking Wireless Networks With The PSP

By | August 25, 2006

One doesn´t often associate a child bearing a portable gaming console as a potential hacker, or, worse, a terrorist. We often disregard the PSP as a multimedia tool sincerely used for promoting happiness: watching movies, playing games, and listening to music.

But how about using it for infiltrating top-secret clearance level data at some of the US´s most prestigous intelligence agencies? The PSP has all the prerequisites. If homebrew programs can be made to emulate Nintendo 64, send phone calls, utilize GPS protocols, and more, with the measily, yet powerful 333 MHz CPU, what´s stopping terrorists and malicious individuals from sending a child, armed with a PSP bearing a homebrew password brute forcer, to walk by the FBI Edgar Hoover building in Washington D.C. (who´s wireless networks reach the public sidewalk alongside the building), and gather data which could be used to thwart the government which protects us? Is this one of the reasons why Sony wants to stop homebrew? There are so many possibilities.Read Full Story

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