Hacking, Viruses top concerns for enterprises

By | September 27, 2005

Survey findings showed that hacking, unauthorized access and firewall breaches are the biggest problems for small, medium and large enterprises evaluating network security solutions.

The survey, conducted by Nortel, indicated that nearly half of respondents fear hacking the most, followed by viruses and worms. Moreover, more than half had experienced a virus attack.

The survey also revealed that small-medium-size businesses security concerns are more application focused where providing virus protection for the network is the biggest challenge.

“This survey emphasizes the growing need for extremely reliable, effective security solutions,” said Atul Bhatnagar, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Data Networks, Nortel.

“As a networking vendor for service providers and enterprises, Nortel is keenly aware of the changes impacting today´s networks, particularly the unprecedented growth in wireless access and types of devices. This mobility, together with convergence, provides exciting new services on today´s networks.

Survey’s additional findings showed that 55 percent outsource some network security functions; of these, 25 percent outsource all network security solutions; 60 percent saying they preferred to standardize on one source for security solutions.

“Security can no longer just be a feature of the network or point products placed around network access points. It has to be a comprehensive strategy that encompasses a holistic view of the network. Threats are getting more sophisticated, which means security deployments need to meet that challenge,” commented Chris Liebert, senior analyst, Yankee Group.

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