Hackers may get second chance to benefit from Second Life security breach

By | September 11, 2006

Experts at SophosLabs have warned computer users that using the same password on multiple websites greatly increases the risk of falling victim to hackers, following news that players of a global online game have been asked to change their passwords due to a security breach.

Players of the “Second Life” online fantasy game were asked to change their passwords after a hacker broke into a database holding information about the game´s 650,000 users. This information included addresses, passwords and encrypted credit card details. According to Sophos, while changing passwords will prevent criminals from gaining access to users´ Second Life accounts, they could still be at risk if they use the same password for other websites.

A recent Sophos web poll uncovered that 41 percent of business PC users admitted to using the same password all the time, while just 14 percent use a different password for every website they access.

Sophos continues to recommend companies protect their desktops and servers with automatically updated anti-virus protection, and educate their employees on safe computing, including the intelligent use of passwords.

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