Growing Demand For Proactive Network Tools

By | December 3, 2006

More than half of enterprise networking professionals believe the lack of information about problems and their causes is the most common problem on their network according to a recent UK survey sponsored by Network Instruments. The survey, which questioned 150 enterprise networking professionals, also found that over half (55 per cent) are concerned about having insufficient tools to perform adequate application monitoring.

Enterprise networks have undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years. Today´s network architectures are becoming increasingly complex as they expand to incorporate a vast range of technologies including Ethernet, Gigabit, Wireless, WAN, and Fibre Channel to support an array of new applications and processes from customer relationship management and procurement to VoIP and enterprise resource planning.

Despite organisations´ increasing reliance on the network, the survey highlights that companies are failing to equip their network staff with the adequate tools to effectively manage the network. 65 per cent of networking professionals stated that a lack of time or resources to implement a long-term monitoring strategy was their biggest concern. As a result, 63 per cent said they had concerns about the network being blamed first for any technical problems. These statistics also help to explain why 65 per cent of respondents to Network Instruments´ survey admitted to concerns about the increasing complexity of their company´s network and 69 per cent felt uneasy about the increasing volume of traffic.

In recent years, IT directors have come under increasing pressure to cut back IT expenditure and get a better return on existing investments. Adequate investment in network monitoring tools has too often been a casualty of these budget efficiencies. However, analysts warn that organisations who fail to adequately monitor their network do so at considerable risk.

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