greencomputer introduces antispam engine software update free antispam update available for new and existing powerelf ii server appliance customer

By | November 30, 2004

EDMONTON, Alberta, November 30, 2004 – Greencomputer Innovation ( is pleased to announce a major antispam engine software update for the PowerElf® II, a professional-grade server appliance solution for Small and Medium size Businesses (SMB) and schools. PowerElf® II enables any business to utilize all the functionality and protection of traditional solutions, without the high purchase costs or on-going maintenance requirements.

The updates can be automatically downloaded and installed from the PowerElf´s Auto-Update section in the web-based interface. The packages include new features and security fixes for the antispam services on the server. These include a minor antispam engine upgrade and new advanced spam filtering rules package. Various other unrelated packages have been upgrade as well.

“Spammers never stop thinking of ways to outsmart the [antispam] engine,” said Tyler Monroe, Business Development, Greencomputer Innovation. “It´s our job to make sure that our customers have the latest technology available to them.”

The upgrades are free to all current and future PowerElf II customers.

PowerElf® II prices start at US$1899. The server appliances are powerful enough to handle hundreds of client connections and can be implemented in schools, small and medium sized businesses, corporate workgroups, and government locations.

The e-mail services offered by the appliance can be implemented as a stand-alone mail server or as a antispam/antivirus filter solution that sits in front of your existing mail server; scanning incoming email with it´s military grade virus protection and advanced anti-spam filtering software.

About Greencomputer Innovation

PowerElf® II is an inspired provision to Small & Medium size Business (SMB) markets requiring all of the functionality of traditional servers coupled with simplicity at an affordable price. Developed by Greencomputer Innovation Inc., the PowerElf® high performance server appliance enables antispam, antivirus, content filtering, internet sharing, web/email services, print/file services, auto-defense firewallT, VPN, intrusion detection, and a multitude of other functions in one pre-configured, and ultra-reliable package. Get to know professional-grade PowerElf® II Server Appliances, the right choice for any network.

For more information call toll-free 1-877-693-7353 or visit the company´s Web site at

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