GreenBorder Launches North American Partner Program for Industry’s First “Desktop DMZ” Software for Windows

By | August 22, 2005

Program Enables Resellers to Grow Their Business by Bringing Innovative, Enterprise Class Protection to Mid-Tier Companies

Mountain View, CA — August 22, 2005 — GreenBorder Technologies, Inc., today announced the launch of its North American Partner Program, which will enable value-added resellers (VARs) and referring consultants to bring enterprise-class protection against Internet threats to mid-tier enterprises and small and medium size businesses. The company´s flagship product, GreenBorder Professional, is the industry´s first “Desktop DMZ” (demilitarized zone) security software for Windows that keeps Internet invaders out and enterprise data in. GreenBorder, which has already signed charter members throughout North America to its Partner Program, is implementing a 100 percent channel-fulfillment sales model. The company is focusing on VARs that specialize in addressing the Internet security needs of mid-tier enterprises. Such businesses often lack the IT resources of large companies yet are hit just as hard by the after-affects of malware. In a separate release today, the company announced availability of an updated version of the software featuring enhanced administration, interoperability, and performance.

“GreenBorder enables us to offer a unique, high-value solution that eliminates the fallout caused by malicious code, removing one of the most painful and frustrating problems facing our customers today,” said Chris Kmosko, chief technology officer of Argus Technology Corp. “As a result, GreenBorder enables us to generate an additional ongoing revenue stream, significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and devote our resources to improving our managed security offerings.”

Organizations of all sizes are spending ever more time responding to Internet attacks. Last week´s outbreaks of the ZOTOB and RBOT.CBQ worms demonstrated how easily new threats are able to evade signature or behavioral-based detection systems and wreak havoc. GreenBorder ensures that all Internet content can be used safely without having to wait for signatures or updates. PCs running GreenBorder´s Desktop DMZ are fully protected against contracting ZOTOB, RBOT.CBQ, and similar worms through browsing or email.

Single-Tier, Multi-Level Partner Program with No Inventory Requirements

GreenBorder´s Partner Program gives partners access to a unique, high-value solution at competitive margins without any upfront inventory investment. The company is implementing a 100 percent channel-fulfillment sales model through which GreenBorder brings leads to its partners and enables them to register opportunities to protect the deals they develop. GreenBorder partners can generate new and recurring revenue through annual subscriptions and perpetual license sales, as well as new deployment and ongoing analysis services. Partners can choose the level of participation that best meets their needs, from acting as referring consultants to being full VARs. In return, they receive access to a range of sales, marketing, and technical support resources, with special assistance in the early stages to ensure rapid success in closing business.

“GreenBorder is very easy to work with and has been very responsive to our needs,” said Andrew Clark, chief executive officer at Cirion Technologies. “Their software goes beyond any other solution we have seen, allowing us to stand out by delivering a level of security and usability that isn´t usually available to mid-tier enterprises. With GreenBorder, we can offer protection beyond what´s available in even the most sophisticated large enterprises without the expense of ramping and maintaining a new organization.”

“GreenBorder is excited to be bringing our unique and compelling solution to the channel,” said Drew Hoffman, president and chief executive officer of GreenBorder. “GreenBorder´s software is a natural complement to our partners´ existing portfolios, enabling them to generate new, ongoing revenue streams while strongly differentiating and positioning themselves for future growth.”

About GreenBorder

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, GreenBorder offers the industry´s first Desktop DMZ software for Windows that keeps Internet invaders out and enterprise data in. Its unique signature-less approach never needs updating and seamlessly prevents corruption, theft, and invasion of business data and systems. Available through an international network of value-added resellers, GreenBorder protects against Internet threats picked up by compulsively-clicking users and mobile PCs — even the newest morphing and “sleeper” attacks that other defenses can´t stop. GreenBorder eliminates the need to repeatedly clean or reimage PCs, provides breathing room for testing and deploying patches, and keeps confidential files and compliance-regulated data safe from Internet attacks. GreenBorder is a private company backed by leading venture firms Sevin Rosen Funds, TPG Ventures and Labrador Ventures. For more information, visit or call +1 650-625-0601.

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