Google Spreadsheets: Secure Enough to Trust?

By | June 21, 2006

Earlier this month, Google launched Google Spreadsheets, a web-based competitor to one of the industry’s leading productivity applications, Microsoft’s Excel. While the already-fawning analyst community is predicting mass self-immolations at Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash. headquarters, I’m once again left scratching my head, trying to understand what Google is up to.

The privacy and security questions alone are so daunting that I’m left wondering how Google’s leaders think that even the most impressive web-based application will compete with, much less supplant, Microsoft’s mediocre Office suite.

According to various news reports, the consensus among the analyst community is that Google Spreadsheets is intended to make Microsoft quake in its boots. The analysts, reading as usual from the company’s PR talking points, seem to think the consumer market is crying out for an advertising-littered web-based alternative to Microsoft’s stagnant and boring Excel.Read Full Story

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