Gary McKinnon to speak at Infosecurity Europe hacking panel

By | April 13, 2006

Infosecurity Europe 2006 promises to deliver a keynote education programme like no other, with Gary McKinnon speaking exclusively in the hacking discussion panel. In 2002, Gary McKinnon was indicted in the USA for hacking into over 90 computers at the US Department of Defense, whilst trying to find evidence of extra-terrestrial activity and anti-gravity technology.

Since 2002 he has been awaiting extradition trial to the USA to face these charges. A straightforward and honest speaker, we can expect forthright opinion from the man labelled ´the most profligate military hacker of all time´. Infosecurity Europe is the most comprehensive event on information security and it takes place at the Grand Hall, Olympia, London from 25th April – 27th April 2006

Robert Schifreen will chair the Hackers´ Panel in which Gary McKinnon is participating alongside Bob Ayers, Former Chief of the DoD Intelligence Information System and Ivan Ristic, renowned web security specialist. The session will take place in the Keynote Theatre at 14.45 – 16.00 at Infosecurity Europe on the 27th April.

“There´s no such thing as an unhackable network”, says Robert Schifreen, author of “Defeating The Hacker” and the chairman of the hacking discussion panel. “By understanding what makes hackers tick”, he continues, “you can increase the security of your systems by second-guessing them”.

The debate is expected to be a lively and compelling discussion from what could be mildly termed, ´very different perspectives´, as four of the leading global hacking experts discuss the threats that are faced from hackers and how to defend yourselves against them.

As well as airing their views and offering great advice on how to keep networks safe and secure, the panel will also be taking questions from the audience. Visitors have the opportunity to put their question forward by accessing the Infosecurity Europe website, and submitting a question to the hackers´ panel. Questions will be selected from submissions and thrown out to the panel for live discussion at Infosecurity Europe.

In 1985, Robert Schifreen became the first person in the world to face trial by jury in connection with computer hacking. In the absence of specific legislation he was charged with forgery, but was ultimately acquitted on all charges by the House of Lords. This resulted in the introduction of The Computer Misuse Act 1990, which now outlaws hacking in the UK. Now a Successful author, lecturer and commentator, Robert will chair The Hackers´ Panel at Infosecurity Europe on the 27th April.

Bob Ayers is now an Associate Fellow of Chatham House (Information Security Programme), following a 29 year career with the US DoD. His principal IT security related assignment was with the Defense Intelligence Agency where he served as the Chief of the DoD Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Computer Security Program. During his time at the DoD, Bob was responsible for the Security of over 40,000 computers, controlling a budget of over $100 Million per year, and 150 staff.

Ivan Ristic is the author of ModSecurity (open source web application firewall) and Apache Security. He is an active participant in the web application security community and a member of the Web Application Security Consortium.

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