Gartner highlights five high impact IT security risks

Gartner has advised businesses to plan for five increasingly prevalent cyber-threats that have the potential to inflict significant damage on organisations during the next two years. They are; targeted threats, identity theft, spyware, social engineering and viruses.

Gartner previewed its 2006 Cyberthreats Hype Cycle at the company’s Information Security Summit in London earlier this week. The hype cycle assesses the initial awareness, maturity, impact and market penetration of 35 IT security threats during the next ten years.

According to Amrit Williams, research director at Gartner, “We are seeing an increasingly hostile environment fuelled by financially motivated and targeted cyber attacks. By 2008 we expect that 40 percent of organisations will be targeted by financially motivated cybercrime.”

Mr Williams added, “Cyber attacks are not new, but what is changing is the motivation behind them. They are no longer just executed by hackers for hobby or cyber-vandalism, but by professionals with a targeted aim at one person, one company or one industry,” said Amrit Williams, research director at Gartner.Read Full Story

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