Fusion Softphone Turns Computer into VoIP Telephone

By | June 16, 2006

Fusion Telecommunications International has announced that it has completed the first version of its proprietary computer-based efonica telephone, or ´softphone,´ a software application that transforms a personal computer into a VoIP telephone. Concurrent with the launch of Fusion’s new, efonica-branded VoIP services later this month, customers will be able to download a beta version of the feature-rich softphone to their PCs at no cost.

Unlike the capability of many other providers of VoIP services, Fusion’s new efonica softphone allows either broadband or dial-up connected users to make calls over its high-quality VoIP network. With dial-up service prevalent in the developing countries that Fusion targets, the Company provides a solution to customers who have previously been unable to access VoIP services due to the lack of a broadband connection.

The new softphone is an integral part of a new free service offering that Fusion is introducing before the end of June. Fusion will use its free efonica service to create a worldwide community of subscribers, primarily targeting consumers who call internationally, a market segment historically burdened by expensive per minute charges. Fusion will also offer additional value-added services for a small fee, including voicemail solutions and the ability to call any off-net landline or mobile number throughout the world.

“In this age of rapid and complex technological developments, customers are looking for simple solutions to complicated problems. This is the key driver behind Fusion’s development of a feature-rich softphone based on simplicity,” said Roger Karam, President of Fusion’s VoIP Division. “Customers not interested in advanced features are able to use the service without the distraction of confusing feature buttons, but those interested in the advanced features have easy access to them.”

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