Fusion Files Patent Application for Worldwide Internet Area Code

By | June 20, 2006

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc. (AMEX:FSN) announced today that it has submitted a patent application to seek protection for the creation of the worldwide Internet Area CodeTM, the eNumberTM, and an automated eNumber ownership verification process.

These components of its new VoIP telephone service, which was launched yesterday, are being offered globally under the Company’s efonica brand. Full details of the new service and sign-up procedures are available on the efonica website (www.efonica.com).

“As more consumers move to VoIP to complement or replace their existing landline and mobile phones, we believe the Internet Area Code provides an easy way for consumers to move comfortably between traditional phone and mobile networks and the VoIP network,” said Roger Karam, President of Fusion’s VoIP division.

The Company has chosen “10” as the Internet Area Code, allowing Fusion to recognize calls placed between efonica subscribers. Fusion’s network delivers these calls at a high quality over the worldwide Internet for free.

Fusion’s eNumber concept allows efonica subscribers to register their existing telephone numbers – any landline or mobile number – as their efonica telephone numbers, or ‘eNumbers’. Fusion’s patent-pending system verifies the phone number registered belongs to the subscriber, and then uses this phone number as the subscriber’s eNumber. By way of example, if an efonica subscriber creates an eNumber by registering their phone number of 1-212-555-5555, all other efonica users can call the subscriber for free through the Internet, by simply dialing the Internet Area Code “10”, followed by 1-212-555-5555. This innovative system works from any efonica-registered computer or compatible hardware device connected to the Internet. If the subscriber dials the same number without the Internet Area Code, the call is sent through the traditional landline or mobile network for a small fee.

“We believe our approach to delivering VoIP services is a revolutionary advance in the industry and deserves patent protection. It allows subscribers to call each other from their regular telephones (without the need for a PC), use their existing telephone numbers, and by dialing the Internet Area Code, reach any efonica subscriber worldwide for free” said Matthew Rosen, President & CEO of Fusion. “We believe that maintaining and supporting consumers’ normal calling habits will lead to broader worldwide acceptance of our efonica VoIP service and provide our subscribers with an easy and seamless transition to experiencing the many benefits of VoIP.”

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Fusion Files Patent Application for its Proprietary VoIP Technology for SIP Peer-To-Peer VoIP Communication

By | April 25, 2006

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc. (AMEX: FSN) announced today that it filed a patent application with the United States Patent Office for its Directed SIP Peer-to-Peer (DSP) technology, acquired by Fusion in February 2006. The patent application describes a system that Fusion plans to utilize to provide its free service between SIP devices.
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