Free 256bit AES mail crypto plugin

By | May 24, 2006

A British company that grew out of the University of Bristol cryptography department is turning email encryption into a mainstream option with the development of a super user-friendly free download of its product called Private Post.

They’ve made the one-off registration process quick and easy (you have to wait for an email from them to verify that you are the email address you say you are – happens very quickly but some people forget to go and look for it) and once you’ve registered you can send encrypted email to anyone – ALL YOU NEED IS THE RECIPIENT’S EMAIL ADDRESS.

Only Windows based versions are available today but products for Mac, Thunderbird, Linux, etc. are on the company’s roadmap and, no matter what operating system you use, you can download the Private Post Reader to read any encrypted mail you receive a bit like you use Adobe Reader to read PDF files.

Encrypting your email literally wraps your messages and attachments in an envelope to keep you safe from hacking, phishing, identity theft and, ultimately spam. Private Post is a military grade product using 256-bit AES encryption and it’s the first commercial implementation of elliptic curve cryptography so its really secure.

Until now, encryption has been really awkward and cumbersome and you’ve had to belong to a group of fellow encrypters to use it but Private Post does away with all that, making it possible for everyone to protect their online privacy. Here are some of the things it does: Encrypts and secures email messages when in motion and at rest; Automatically verifies messages when opened and provides read receipts

if the sender chooses; Doesn’t negatively impact email performance in any way; Requires no additional hardware or complicated deployment.

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