Forensic toolkit harvests cellphone data

By | September 12, 2006

A new breed of forensic tools, designed with the help of Whangarei-based Thackray Forensics, can now access and clone the full contents of a mobile phone or PDA within seconds. Managing director John Thackray is one of a handful of qualified instructors in the use of the .XRY toolkit worldwide and is the only qualified instructor in the Southern Hemisphere.

Since the launch of the range of products from Micro Systemation (MSAB) he has trained specialists in government and corporate organisations including the FBI, the British Secret Service, Scotland Yard and the Italian police.

However he says the majority of New Zealand´s law enforcement and corporate agencies are still lagging in this area of technical investigation. To date only the Customs Services and one other service that cannot be named are using the technology other than Thackray Forensics.Read Full Story

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