Flander extends services with Symbian Signed certification

By | June 13, 2006

Mobile software testing and development company Flander has been granted Publisher Certifier status by Symbian. This agreement allows Flander to test both its own and third-party applications and content and to grant Symbian Signed certification, accelerating time-to-market for new content and applications. Flander´s services include a test time guarantee.

Nokia Software Market has also chosen Flander as a Symbian Signed vendor. “Flander has a strong track record in mobile software testing. Flander´s special competence in the Symbian platform makes them an excellent partner in guaranteeing an effective signing service”, said Juha Nurminen from Nokia Software Market.

“To comply with Nokia Software Market quality guidelines and to ensure optimal end user satisfaction, all mobile applications should be Symbian Signed. For Symbian Series 60 version 3.0, all applications must be signed”, said Nurminen.

Symbian Signed certification complements Flander´s strong offering in mobile software testing services. Flander will offer the service for approving third-party applications and content, and will also extend its own development services to include Symbian approval. Customers will benefit from cost efficiency and high quality.

Flander´s high quality testing services were internationally recognized earlier this year when the company received CMMI 3 level acknowledgement in 16 processes. Well-defined processes and high quality enable Flander to offer fixed testing times as a service-level guarantee. This will also be offered to Symbian Signed customers.

“We are excited about this new phase in our relationship with Symbian and Nokia Software Market – Symbian Signed status allows us to extend our offering and serve our customers better. We can now deliver a full testing service to our customers with even greater effectiveness. We also expect our cost-efficient and high-quality services to attract new customers. We are very pleased to have an opportunity to offer our services at Nokia Software Market”, said Mika Heikinheimo, Flander´s CEO.

“Flander is renowned for technology leadership and the high quality of its services. Flander´s excellent performance guarantees software functionality and promotes end-user satisfaction”, said Ricky Junday, Operations Manager at Symbian.

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