Five Firewalls For Your Desktop PC

By | August 16, 2006

It´s amazing to think there was once a time when the idea of a firewall for one´s desktop computer was thought of as overkill, if not downright ridiculous. Now it´s practically mandatory — not just to protect your computer from outside threats, but to keep Trojans and e-mail viruses from hijacking your system from within.

Other things have changed, too. Today, standalone firewall products are more the exception than the rule. I took a look at five major firewalls on the market today, and almost everything that came my way was either available both as a standalone and as part of a suite of security products from the same manufacturer, or was only available as part of that suite. For the most part, this is good news — it means you can get more for your money than ever before. On the other hand, it might also mean you´re forced to buy more than you really need; but the sheer diversity of the products out there helps alleviate that a bit.

The nature of the problems a firewall has to guard against has also changed. The problems have shifted from outside attacks (the “ping of death,” and so on) to compromising a system from the inside via Trojans.Read Full Story

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