first utm appliance with integrated e-mail encryption

By | February 6, 2006

The Astaro Corporation (, a leader in providing unified threat management security solutions, and Utimaco Safeware AG (, one of the leading suppliers of data security solutions, have announced that they have entered into a broad technology collaboration agreement with the aim of developing new security solutions.

As the result of this cooperation, both companies will launch the first unified threat management (UTM) appliance integrating strong encryption and digital signature mechanisms based on the S/MIME and OpenPGP industry standards. The new UTM appliance will target small and medium-sized companies demanding professional encryption for company-wide use without the complexity and costs of existing technologies. The two companies will reveal more technical details at Infosecurity Europe 2006, held on the 25th – 27th April 2006 in the Grand Hall, Olympia.

As part of their technical collaboration, Astaro is integrating Utimaco№s cutting-edge e-mail encryption technologies into its award-winning software, Astaro Security Gateway, which provides e-mail security, web security, and network security on a single management platform. Encryption, decryption, digital signature and verification are all featured on one central gateway solution allowing SMEs to seamlessly integrate e-mail security technologies into their existing infrastructure. Even encrypted e-mail messages are filtered by the UTM appliance№s virus and content scanners, enforcing security standards and blocking malicious applications before they can enter the organisation.

Small and medium-sized companies

As the worldwide number of e-mail messages has doubled since 2002, there is increasing demand for affordable protection against industrial espionage and cost-effective filter mechanisms in business environments.

іWith this new solution, Astaro and Utimaco are combining their technological expertise,І said Jцrg Horn, manager of gateway solutions at Utimaco. іThis agreement will be of significant benefit to SME customers looking for easy-to-use, centralised gateway encryption instead of complicated individual solutions.І

Walter Schumann, VP sales and marketing EMEA, Astaro AG, added: іDue to legal requirements, the need for data security and the installation of secure e-mail encryption has become mandatory for SMEs. Most of the existing solutions are too complex, though, whereas a unified threat management approach provides a competitive advantage.І

Company-wide security policy

Astaro will integrate the new functionalities as part of its Astaro Security Gateway V7 software, which is scheduled for release date in Summer 2006.

Astaro Security Gateway V7 offers customers the choice of activating e-mail encryption on the central gateway for all of the clients inside the network.

Outgoing and incoming e-mail traffic is automatically encrypted and decrypted (via PGP or S/MIME), transparently for the selected users.

Centralised security scans that eliminate virus, spam and phishing attacks enable a cost-effective and user-friendly company security policy.

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