First Portable Anti-Spyware Product for U3 Devices

By | August 10, 2006

ParetoLogic has announced the immediate availability of the XOFTspy Portable Anti-spyware product, the first portable anti-spyware product operating directly from U3 smart drives. Built on its popular anti-spyware application XoftSpySE, the portable product is licensed for use on multiple computers and is built to protect roaming users accessing any PC they touch, including those belonging to co-workers, friends, parents, libraries or Internet cafes.

With the threat of malware escalating on a daily basis, XOFTspy Portable provides protection for roaming users, ensuring that the computer they are about to use is free of spyware, Trojans, keyloggers and adware without having to download and install anti-spyware applications on the local PC/computer. Operating directly from the highly portable U3 smart drive, this security application boasts fast operation and a tiny footprint leaving plenty of space for other applications and data, providing modern computer users with the security they need to carry out their daily online activities, including online banking and the transfer of other confidential information.

In addition to ensuring the security of the host computer, XOFTspy Portable Anti-spyware protects the smart drive itself, securing its data and programs, even in cases where the host computer has lost Internet connectivity.

U3 technology creates a new world of opportunities for USB flash drives, turning simple storage devices into smart drives capable of carrying software, settings and data. The technology allows for ultimate privacy because once they are finished, users can walk away knowing their data is still with them. By utilizing the U3 platform, XOFTspy Portable Anti-spyware can run directly from the U3 smart drive, without having to be installed on the host computer, with one copy of the portable application legally being used to clean multiple PCs.

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