FireFox: Security Flaw Fixed

By | March 3, 2005

Mozilla Foundation has decided to issue the first security update to its Firefox 1.0 Internet browser only eleven weeks after the initial release.

The update fixes the bugs that caused the browser to crash and patches the security holes, which allowed certain types of phishing and spoofing attacks.

Firefox 1.0.1 – the official name for the update – can be either dowloaded immediately from Mozilla Foundation web site or obtained via Firefox´s automatic update within few days.

Although none of the security holes patched by Firefox 1.0.1 is defined as “critical” or “highly critical”, Mozilla wants users to get the update. Chris Hofmann, director of engineering with Mozilla said: “I´d encourage users to get this release, especially if they´ve been prone to phishing attacks or spoofing.”

With over 27 million downloads since the release on December 7, Firefox has dented significantly into the market share of Microsoft´s Internet Explorer. The latter still dominates the market of Internet browsers but its market share has shrunk to about 93% from close to 97% only six months ago.

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