FireFox Loses Shares in July

By | August 15, 2005

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has gained back some market shares from the open source web browser FireFox, according to NetApplications figures this month. This is the first time that FireFox has faltered in its rise against Internet Explorer.

Last month, usage of Internet Explorer grew from 86.56 percent to 87.2 while FireFox market shares fell from 8.71 percent to 8.07 percent. Most surprisingly is the fact that Apple’s web browser Safari also increased from 1.93 percent to 2.13 percent.

The slip in adoption rate follows the discovery of several vulnerabilities in Firefox. Some analysts believe the security issues have hurt the browser´s reputation for being more secure than competitors.

“Every browser has security issues, including Firefox,” said Secunia researcher Thomas Kristensen. “A browser is an extremely complex, code-intensive piece of technology, and none of them is perfect. Some browsers may have more issues, but there isn´t one that´s bulletproof.”

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