FaceTime secures enterprise Internet use

By | November 14, 2006

FaceTime Communications has announced FaceTime Internet Security Edition to provide enterprises with total security and control over Web and real-time Internet communications.

By combining core gateway security capabilities such as Web filtering and anti- spyware with security for today´s greynet applications on a single platform with common policy and management, FaceTime Internet Security Edition reduces complexity and increases efficiency of the enterprise security infrastructure to reduce overall total cost of ownership.

FaceTime Internet Security Edition is purpose-built to enable the safe and productive use of more than one hundred greynet applications including instant messaging (IM), Web conferencing, peer-to-peer file sharing and Skype. Additionally, it allows enterprises to implement security and control for Web traffic and protect against malware that can spread via the Web and other greynet channels. With FaceTime Internet Security Edition, enterprises can implement powerful policies that detect, secure and manage real-time collaborative applications while preventing inbound threats, minimizing information leakage and controlling employee Internet use.

For IT and information security managers, FaceTime Internet Security Edition provides greynet security backed by FaceTime Security Labs, combined with San Jose, Calif.-based Secure Computing´s industry-leading SmartFilter Web filtering. FaceTime Internet Security Edition operates on a purpose-built appliance platform designed to detect and interpret all Internet activity with zero latency. Enterprises can manage employee use of all Internet channels — both greynets and the Web — with a single solution using unified policy management.

FaceTime Internet Security Edition starts at $7,125 and is available from FaceTime and its authorized distributors and partners worldwide on November 30, 2006.

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