ExaProtect’s Security Management Solution (SMS) Achieves “Powered By SAP NetWeaver®” Qualification

By | May 18, 2006

ExaProtect, the market leader in core security event management (CSEM), today announced it has successfully passed SAP® integration certification for its core security monitoring and management solutions on the SAP NetWeaver® platform.

The company’s Security Management Solution (SMS) version 2.6 has been certified by SAP AG as a J2EE application, which successfully integrates with the J2EE engine of SAP NetWeaver and represents data via the SAP NetWeaver Portal, thus it was awarded the endorsement “Powered by SAP NetWeaver”.

According to ExaProtect, the certification will enable users of SAP solutions to benefit from a faster implementation time, lower integration costs, and further protection of existing investments in SAP solutions and data integrity.

ExaProtect SMS offers scalable and comprehensive data security assurance monitoring for complex and diverse IT infrastructures. By gathering and interpreting security-related events from all relevant business systems, SMS delivers a unified, correlated and real-time security dashboard view of the current security situation. It has the ability to collect and load security audit logs as well as to analyse security logs in SAP solutions.

This approach enables organizations to prioritise alerts and take a strategic approach to security, helping to ensure that critical business assets, core systems and the intellectual property contained within are protected against security threats.

ExaProtect’s SMS improves IT performance, tracking and managing security threats in line with IT security policies, enabling organizations to adopt a real-time, strategic approach to IT security. SMS also provides concise evidence of regulatory compliance, with full support for security event auditing.

ExaProtect CEO, Jean-Franзois Dйchant said: “Achieving Powered by SAP NetWeaver endorsement and meeting the strict technology guidelines of the SAP certification process further strengthens our message to SAP customers that our solution deploys seamlessly on the SAP NetWeaver platform.

“Having SAP solution-based log data integrated into enterprise security is essential. Users of SAP solutions will benefit from full end-to-end managed security across an entire network, further ensuring security events are tracked and managed in real time and that core business systems remain secure.”

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