ExaProtect and Trinamo Solutions Announce Partnership to Deliver Advanced Security Management Solution

By | September 12, 2006

ExaProtect, the leader in core security event management, has announced a commercial and marketing partnership with specialist security integrator Trinamo Solutions. Trinamo Solutions will integrate ExaProtect’s Security Management Solution (SMS) into its new Trinamo Solutions Security Architecture. This gives corporates a robust, fully auditable security management solution which extends from network end-points through to core business applications.

ExaProtect SMS provides scalable and comprehensive security monitoring for complex, diverse IT infrastructures. By gathering and interpreting security-related events from all network, security and business systems, SMS delivers a unified, correlated, real-time dashboard view of the current security status. End-to-end user session tracking and alerting is provided from the network perimeter to internal business assets such as workstations, servers, and enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle and Siebel.

The Trinamo Solutions Security Architecture adds policy-based control of all network end-points, securing against data theft and introduction of viruses, spyware and malware. It does this with an innovative “white-list” approach, which ensures only authorised applications and devices can operate on the network. Trinamo Solutions claims that this approach, combined with ExaProtect’s advanced core security event management makes the Architecture unique in the security market.

ExaProtect is partnering with Trinamo because of its in-depth experience in network and security management. Trinamo was founded by three executives from leading network event management company Micromuse (now IBM). Stephen Allott, Executive Chairman of Trinamo, was formerly President of Micromuse.

Jason Holloway, ExaProtect UK General Manager said: “Trinamo has unmatched credentials in this sector, and we are impressed with its core proposition of delivering deperimeterised, end-to-end security for core business systems. This closely aligns with the way we deliver monitoring, alerting and remediation of security events. Our combined solutions will secure key business IT assets against all internal and external threats.”

Tom Barnfield, Senior Manager at Trinamo Solutions said: “We’re partnering with ExaProtect because we believe their solution is best-in-class. Organisations are drowning in security events, making it difficult for them to react to the real threats to their business. Also, they are recognising the need to move beyond traditional perimeter security solutions to monitoring, correlating, alerting and reporting on events from their critical IT assets. ExaProtect’s solution is an essential component in delivering integrated, proactive security across the enterprise, not just at the network edge.”

Under the agreement, Trinamo will also resell ExaProtect’s SMS solution, targeting companies in the financial services, telecoms and legal sectors.

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