Erlang Training Selects New Mobile Email Solution MobilePA to Improve Business productivity and performance

By | September 4, 2006

Erlang Training & Consulting Ltd, a leading provider of IT training and consultancy services for businesses, has implemented a new mobile email solution, MobilePA from Sirenic to improve its staff productivity and overall business performance.

Set up in 1999, Erlang Training & Consulting Ltd provides specialist training, product development and consultancy services for businesses using Erlang OTP, a general-purpose programming language from Ericsson AB.

The company’s consultants spent a great deal of time travelling across the UK and Sweden to deliver training and seminars and were unable to check their emails, diaries and respond to clients’ requests on the move. With training sessions lasting up to five days, this resulted in long periods of downtime and lost productivity.

Managing Director, Marcus Taylor comments, “New clients often need to get hold of our engineers quickly for assistance and they expect a speedy response. We needed a mobile email system to ensure that consultants keep up-to-date with client requests and on top of emails so when they arrive at a training session, they have all the relevant information they need.”

Erlang Training & Consulting selected Sirenic’s MobilePA because it provides access to email, relevant news feeds and business applications through a PDA, laptop and any mobile phone or land line, cost effectively.

Acting in the same way as a personal assistant, MobilePA organises emails that relate to each other and has the capacity to archive up to 10,000 emails per user, which can be easily searched and retrieved thanks to the Sirenic Relevance Server. Emails are fully indexed, archived and prioritised in order of relevance.

Prior to attending meetings, the consultants can now retrieve all relevant emails within seconds. When an urgent email arrives, they are alerted via SMS text or through the arrival of the email via MobilePA’s own proprietary ‘push’ email system.

MobilePA integrates with Erlang Training & Consulting’s other business applications so that consultants can update their calendars, access meeting notes and contact lists and read the latest news.

The consultants can also listen to their email being read to them by MobilePA’s voice technology and respond verbally and the service will send the reply as a voicemail file attachment. This means that consultants can use the service anywhere, including on the road, when using mobile phones with hands-free equipment.

Marcus Taylor adds, “MobilePA is impartial to the device or context of use. It is affordable, without compromising on features, quick and easy to set up and not bound to any backend device or technology. Now, when employees are travelling between meetings, they are able to check their emails, catch up on the news and keep in touch with support staff back at the office; it is transforming the way we work and improving the services we offer our clients.”

“We are very pleased with the system and with the level of support we have received from Sirenic. We are encouraging our partner organisations to adopt it, and hopefully it will be in use in South Africa and Spain shortly,” he concludes.

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