Enterprise WLANs add 3rd Party Security

By | February 15, 2006

The fastest way to make sure your wireless LAN (WLAN) is protected is to let the network protect itself. That’s why companies like Extreme Networks and Xirrus are partnering with providers of intrusion detection and prevention systems to embed security functions rather than force customers to install an overlay sensor network.

Xirrus, makers of the Wireless LAN Array product that integrates from 4 to 16 Wi-Fi access points in one box for coverage of an entire floor of a large building, will be using software from Network Chemistry. The upgrade — available to all Xirrus customers, new and old — will cost extra to turn on, but once activated, one of the embedded APs in the area becomes the air-monitoring sensor for the network.

Extreme Networks is working with AirTight Networks, naming the latter’s SpectraGuarde Enterprise as a “preferred solution” to complement the Extreme Summit WM wireless LAN switching products; they’ll even resell the products.Read Full Story

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