Enterprise VoIP Adoption on Track

By | May 6, 2005

A recent research published by Infonetics revealed that small to medium businesses as well as large organizations spent an average of 117,000 USD on Voice-over-IP products in 2003, up 46% in 2004, and plan to increase an additional 9% this year.

Infonetics conducted in-depth interviews with 240 SMB and large organizations that use IP voice products and/or services now or will by 2006, as well as 450 shorter interviews to determine VoIP adoption rates, and 362 exit interviews to determine why organizations are not deploying IP voice.

“There´s no denying IP voice is the future, but given all the hype generated over the last year, it´s important to keep things in perspective,” said Matthias Machowinski, directing analyst at Infonetics Research and author of the study.

“Although large organizations are adopting IP voice at a decent rate, adoption among small and medium-size organizations is pretty low. But the good news is that awareness of available IP voice products and services has increased among purchase-decision makers.”

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