EndPoint Security with GFI EndPointSecurity

By | March 28, 2006

GFI has announced that GFI EndPointSecurity has now gone live. GFI´s endpoint security solution provides IT administrators with granular, network-wide controls for portable storage devices, removable media and a wide range of consumer electronic devices.

With GFI EndPointSecurity, security administrators can provide read, write or both access capabilities to groups or individual users for file-based media, such as, CD/DVD-ROMs and floppies as well as block-based media operated through universal serial bus (USB), Bluetooth, Firewire and Wi-Fi connections. In addition, administrators have the ability to monitor the use of a removable device and even block access if the activity is suspected of compromising the integrity of corporate data or the security of the network.

“Group based oversight offers users an incredible management opportunity,” said Andre Muscat, Product Manager for GFI EndPointSecurity. “While our competitors can support individual computer specifications, none of them allow a group based control approach to configuration at this level of ease.”

GFI EndPointSecurity is available with prices starting at US$625 to monitor up to 25 computers; a version for up to 100 computers costs US$1,500.

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