Email Security: A Holistic Approach For SMB

By | November 25, 2004

Many people call email the ‘killer app’ driving the growth of computer use and increased productivity among organizations of all sizes.

However, an escalating array of Internet viruses and email spammers are generating a continuous stream of security threats that could seriously cripple operations.

In fact, one email scanning company recently reported that 86.3% of the corporate email that it reviewed in June was spam, resulting in over 790 million messages being blocked.

Small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) are especially vulnerable to these attacks because of their heavy reliance on Microsoft operating systems and applications that are the targets of many viruses. SMBs also have limited in-house security skills and resources to combat these threats.

While many Internet service providers (ISPs) are responding to these email issues by adding a variety of anti-spam and virus features to their portfolios, these offerings haven’t reduced the volume of spam for many end-users or created a fully effective firewall against the various viruses being launched on a daily basis.

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