Double-Take Software announces Double-Take 101 eLearning programme

By | September 27, 2006

Double-Take Software (formerly known as Sunbelt System Software), specialist vendor and distributor of business continuity solutions for enterprises and SMEs, today announced the availability of Double-Take 101, an interactive Web-based course that provides instruction on how to install, configure and use Double-Take to protect Microsoft® applications. The new programme provides both partners and customers with an efficient way to become a Certified Double-Take Professional and train employees across multiple locations.

Double-Take 101 eLearning lets users remotely examine the Double-Take graphical user interface through task-based exercises, making them self-sufficient in configuring Double-Take to protect applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. The Web-based training can be completed at the user№s desk or as a more comprehensive classroom training experience, allowing customers and partners to learn in their own space and in their own time.

“The Double-Take 101 eLearning course was very well-written and informative,” said Thad Darcy, systems administrator at MassHousing. “By actively participating in the programme exercises, I became much more knowledgeable about Double-Take and its capabilities. I look forward to incorporating the course into our IT program, as it will be a great asset when training our employees.”

“The training was very easy to follow and the clean interface was filled with a fresh approach, making the entire experience enjoyable,” added Shawn LoPresto, business support manager at Sunbelt Software. “I can see this online course being very beneficial when having to train new employees across different locations to ensure consistent procedures across the IT departments.”

The complete Double-Take 101 course is divided into seven modular lessons, which can be completed at the user´s pace. Skill-building and informal quizzes added to the end of each module can optionally prepare users for the Certified Double-Take Professional exam.

“Our goal is to provide partners and customers with an extremely cost-effective way to become self-sufficient in configuring Double-Take and become a Certified Double-Take Professional,” said Mike Lesh, vice president professional services, support and training at Double-Take Software. “By using this interactive, tutorial-based training tool we can provide organisations with a more flexible, faster way to understand Double-Take. Employees don№t have to travel or be at one location to learn ­ it№s the best way to train and certify staff across multiple locations.”

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