Double-Take Application Manager launched in radical new approach to application protection

By | February 28, 2006

Sunbelt System Software, specialist distributor of business continuity and security solutions for enterprises and SMEs, today announced a new approach to application protection with the launch of Double-Take Application Manager ­ the latest development in the evolution of data protection and application availability.

Sunbelt, the exclusive distributor of NSI Software№s Double-Take across Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, is now selling Double-Take Application Manager through its usual distribution channels.

The new solution adopts a revolutionary application protection strategy by integrating the management of this protection into a single framework for configuration, monitoring and reporting. This provides increased automation and ease-of-setup, resulting in improved protection, reduced recovery times and increased application availability in the event of planned or unplanned downtime.

Building on the success of the Exchange Failover Toolkit and existing support for protecting Exchange Server, SQL Server and other applications, Double-Take Application Manager will initially support Exchange Server and leverage proven experience of protecting applications and their data on the Windows platform.

Double-Take Application Manager for Exchange is designed to automate the setup and configuration of replication and failover monitoring of Exchange Server. The new solution offers exclusive features including a protection іPre-Flight CheckІ, which ensures that the Exchange environment is configured properly for replication and failover. In addition, a new feature known as іConfiguration CloningІ helps to reduce administration effort and minimise errors by automatically configuring the Exchange stores and settings on the secondary server.

іAs the Exchange market continues to grow and dominate, companies are finding they need a better way to configure and manage that environment,І said Heidi Biggar, Enterprise Strategy Group. іNSI Software is a leader in this market and is taking the next steps by integrating new features into Double-Take, such as auto-discovery and the ability to monitor multiple IP addresses from a single console, thereby improving recovery times and higher levels of Exchange availability.І

Among several new features, the Application Manager for Exchange also provides an improved centralised management console and improved automated recovery functionality. Automated recovery capabilities ensure that users experience minimal downtime during recovery and that restoring services to the primary Exchange server can be done in the simplest way possible.

іThis offering is the result of our continued innovation in the application availability and data protection areas,І said Bob Roudebush, director, solutions engineering, NSI Software. іWhat is unique about our approach is that we have moved beyond just automating the replication of data and the configuration of failover and monitoring. We have built a solution that gives administrators a specialised tool for configuration and monitoring of application protection with built-in knowledge of Exchange and Double-Take best practices.І

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