Does Vista Give You Too Many Choices?

By | August 25, 2006

It´s great to have options, and being able to pay for the software features you want, and not have to waste money paying for features you don´t want and will never use, seems like a great idea.

We got a taste of that with Windows XP: if you´re a business user or a home power user who needs to be able to connect your computer to a domain or wants to encrypt files with EFS or connect to your system from somewhere else via Remote Desktop, you could pay extra for XP Professional. If you only want to do simple home computing tasks such as checking email and surfing the web and running a word processing program, you could save a few bucks by getting XP Home instead. There are also a couple of special purpose editions, for Tablet PCs and Media Center home entertainment computers, but those operating systems come installed on the systems.

Now, with Windows Vista, there are even more choices – and some users are a little confused by the plethora of options that are expected to be available. Pundits are making fun of the abundance of choices; see this humorous article claiming that “Windows Vista to Ship in 33 Different Versions”.Read Full Story

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