DoD Offers Free Anti-Spyware for Personal Use

By | May 16, 2006

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has licensed free anti-spyware software for all government employees and armed forces personnel for use on personal computer systems. According to the Federal Trade Commission´s Web site at, Spyware is software that monitors or controls the use of your computer. It could send pop-up ads, redirect browsers to certain Web sites, or even record your keystrokes.

A pop-up ad could even try to trick someone into typing in bank account information, leading to identity theft. Users may also be able to get the software through their respective Automated Data Processing offices.

“ADP can burn the software to a CD for the user to take home,” said Information Systems Technician 1st Class (SW) Eric Rucker, an information security officer for Navy Computer Defense Operations Command (NCDOC). “Once the software is downloaded at home, it will automatically update periodically. With the amount of people that use e-mail and zip drives to bring work home and back, the risk of bringing spyware to work is much greater, and that could create weakness that may exploit DoD computers.”Read Full Story

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