DNS Hack defeats Google

By | May 9, 2005

Search engine giant Google was knocked out for 15 minutes over the weekend, due to what seems to be a possible DNS hack, according to investigation of Google engineers. All of Google services were inaccessible during the outage.

Google spokesman David Krane indicated that it was not a hacking issue, but rather a Domain Name Systems (DNS) issue which is treated as if someone would access one of the main servers and reassigning Google’s address to a third-party.

“Google´s global properties were unavailable for a short period of time. We have remedied the problem and access to Google has been restored worldwide,” said Krane shortly after the event.

Paul Mutton of UK internet monitoring firm Netcraf, added that the nature of the outage suggests the DNS server operated by Google itself suffered a malfunction. According to Mutton, the local DNS server was unable to resolve the domain name google.com because Google’s DNS server was malfunctioning.

Though it does not seem to be a hacking issue, Google’s engineers are running an investigation to understand the reasons for the outage.

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