Disk-Based Data Protection

By | August 28, 2006

It brings the benefits of faster backup and restores, high performance with multistreaming, greater control of data, and reduced intervention on the part of IT administrators. Given today´s ever-shrinking backup windows, those are profound advances.

What sort of adoption rates are we talking about for disk-based backup? In a recent survey conducted by InfoStor, 64% of respondents indicated that they planned to purchase disk-based backup products this year, and 42% of respondents said that they plan to purchase disk-based backup products instead of tape to enhance their existing data protection plans.

Adding up the benefits

Putting it bluntly, traditional data protection has been overwhelmed by explosive data growth and burgeoning data recovery requirements. Today´s enterprises demand a scalable backup and recovery solution to reliably and rapidly restore business-critical data. Thanks to advances in disk-based backup technology, enterprises can transcend the limitations of traditional backup and recovery practices to take advantage of the following benefits:

Speed – In most cases, backing up to and restoring from disk is faster than using tape. Also, because disks are random-access devices, the drives can instantly start to transfer files, whereas tape drives require that the tape be loaded, accessed, and sequentially written.

Flexibility – The faster, more efficient storage capabilities of disk drives let administrators schedule more frequent backups, lowering the exposure from any data loss. Disks used as backup devices can also support simultaneous backups, restores, and duplication operations. This is impossible with sequential tape drives.

Efficiency – Disk-based backup´s ability to write multiple backup jobs simultaneously to individual backup files (one file per job) provides both exceptional performance and storage granularity that tape solutions cannot approach even with the most sophisticated multiplexing, multi-threaded solutions.

Expense – Because disk-based backup increases the speed, flexibility, and efficiency of a data protection strategy, it also lowers the total cost of ownership of storage management.

As the provider of the leading Windows data protection solution, Symantec delivers some of the most advanced disk-based functionalities available today. For IT organizations, that means improved backup performance and simplified recoveries. For today´s enterprises, that means continuous data protection.

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